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  About Retail Data Mining

The Retail segmentation systems provide a quick and effective means of gaining insight into customers and markets. Retail Groups provide a high-level understanding of the type of customer you have and are used to refine your communications strategies.

Retail Types deliver a more focused view of customers allowing clients to design precisely targeted marketing campaign. Both systems are proven in-market and have been the basis of many successful initiatives by major corporations.

Built at the Canadian Postal Code level the data provides unparalleled analytic precision and marketing insight across its 20 Groups and 150 Types or sub-groups. The segmentation systems offer more than twice the number of distinct segments than major competitive systems and deliver them at a finer level of geography. Consumer profiles are written by marketers for marketers, ensuring a high level of utility.

Retail Groups and Types are created by a sophisticated clustering system supervised by our Chief Statisticians. Groups and Types are based on similar demographic, expenditure, financial, lifestyle and media preference characteristics.

We allow the households’ characteristics to speak for themselves rather than trying to pigeon-hole consumers into groups based heavily on geography.

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