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Marketing Loyalty Solutions Inc. introduces Powersports Dealers to the Customer Management System at the Dealernews International Powersports Dealer Expo 2007.

Toronto, Canada - January 8, 2007 - Powersports Dealers are busy. It’s a fast paced business with fast paced product. Dealers need to keep track of customer needs and keep in touch.

Keeping in touch is the key to success. Recent statistics from Marketing Loyalty Solutions show, in less than a year, accessory sales can increase 11% simply by keeping in touch using the Customer Management System (CMS).

Powersports dealers report their customer retention strategy has played a major role in increasing their bottom line. After implementing a customer retention solution, the return on investment is easily measured as a dealer’s service and sales levels improve.

How do you choose the right Customer Retention Solution? Whatever product or service you purchase it should pass the following checklist.

  • Is a system endorsed by your OEMs
  • Has Powersports industry experience
  • Offers Flexible Print on Demand applications
  • Includes Data base management
  • Does all the work for you
  • You receive a great Return on Investment

Many companies offer software you manage yourself including set up, printing maintenance and upgrades.

Also, many companies offer many years of experience in printing or direct marketing, but few offer expertise in Powersports. Choose a provider that knows your business and is endorsed by your OEMs. This will allow you to use your COOP programs as well as having the follow up customized to each of your customers.

From the motorcycle enthusiast to the hunter with his utility ATV each of your customers is unique. Your marketing should be personalized to match. Print on Demand direct mail offers high quality customized mailings based on your database. They are mailed to who you want, when you want and are customized to each individual customer.

Best practices for follow-up include:

  • A plan for multiple points of contact
  • Seasonal contact
  • Know your audience
  • Personalize each touch

Again, many outfits will offer great software or even a great direct marketing campaign, but will each piece be personalized to your customer? Not just their name but the unit they purchased, how long they’ve owned it and when they are due for maintenance. All of these touches make your loyal customers feel special and connected to your dealership.

Once you’ve chosen your product and implemented your program how do you measure success? Ensure your supplier can offer data that shows how many marketing pieces were mailed, when they were sent and they should also include a database that will generate sales reporting so you can follow up on the success of your campaign.

Remember – the more you interact with your customer the stronger the retention and loyalty.

Marketing Loyalty Solutions Inc. (MLS) is a division of RBI Inc., a Business Intelligence Solution provider offering customized solutions to information management needs.

With over 20 years experience in both the Automotive and Powersports industries MLS uses industry experts and an in house team to offer a loyalty product for the unique needs of Powersports Dealers and is endorsed by OEM’s such as Arctic Cat, BRP, Eton, Honda, KTM and Suzuki

Media Contact:
Jennifer Pain-Andrejin
Phone: 1.866.757.0750
Email: jennp@marketingloyalty.com
Website: www.marketingloyalty.com


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