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Why track Customer Satisfaction?

Simple. Customer Satisfaction leads to higher profits and increased market share.

What is a Customer Satisfaction Index? It is a business term used to capture the idea of measuring how satisfied customer’s are with an organizations’ efforts in the marketplace.

Even in markets with significant growth, disloyal customers can be difficult and expensive to replace. Attracting a new customer can cost four times the amount to retain an existing one. A 5% increase in customer retention typically results in 75% increase in lifetime profits from an individual customer.

Because satisfaction is subjective it is difficult to measure. The measure of satisfaction involves a survey and the analysis of the responses. A basic survey can give you valuable insight into the percentage of your customers who would or would not purchase again, issues they have with service and comments on their overall satisfaction with staff and location.

The RBI Inc. CSI Solution uses industry-proven methodology to provide you with valuable targeted measurements of your customers' satisfaction with your products and services.

RBI has created an overall Customer Satisfaction Solution with our proprietary software. Your unique solution is a customized program that creates and measures data and reports findings in real time. The real time reporting feature ensures opportunities or satisfaction issues are addressed quickly and effectively.


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