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Why didnít a shopper buy from you?

Itís the million dollar question. The RBI Traffic Flow solution gives you the answer.

Most retail sales managers are happy with a 25% closing ratio whether they are selling a shirt to selling a car.

This means that 75% of shoppers in your store are rejecters.

Do you know where they're going?
Do you know why they didnít buy?
Was it the sales experience or was it the product?
What could you do differently to raise your closing ratio?

The RBI Traffic Flow Solution invites your shoppers to fill in an incentive based online survey. Every shopper leaving your establishment will have an invitation to fill in a survey.

Through this survey RBI collects data on why they came, why they left without purchasing, are they still interested in both your operation and your product, what other product they are interested in as well as their personal profile.

RBI will provide you with analyzed real time reports accessible from any computer or PDA device. These user friendly reports provide you with marketing information on what brought shoppers to your store, tangible coaching issues to use with each of your sales consultants to ensure your team archives higher closing ratios.


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