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RBI Training Strategy

We provide expertise in solution design and development, process documentation and implementation strategies.

We have in-house seasoned teams of curriculum development, instructional design personnel, communication specialists, and we maintain a corps of consultants, trainers and facilitators throughout North America.

When a solution requires training, we deliver accelerated adult learning through workshops, off-site training
e-learning, interactive distance learning (IDL), web-based training and webinars.

To sustain the learnings we develop in-depth studies, assessments and reports, national newsletters, e-mail campainges and white papers.

RBI Inc. utilizes an adult educational spiral learning model for clients and outlines a critical path for employee growth through various training mediums.

Typically RBI recommends a pre-seminar case study to be completed prior to the training. This ensures the trainee is prepared for the experience and is open to the opportunity.

RBI advocates follow through for trainees as follows:

  • The Trainee completes an assessment of the training outlining

    • What they have learned
    • How they will use it
    • How the management will know the learning has been implemented

RBI maintains contact with the trainee and/or manager through phone and/or email on progress.

RBI monitors progress through feedback from customer survey analysis.

Through this approach RBI is able to ensure the learning is lasting and the client has a strong return from the training investment.


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